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iGoAfrika Tours offers a boutique travel experience of superior quality. We want to leave our guests satisfied with unforgettable and unique experiences, through quality and friendly service. iGoAfrika Tours provides private transfers and tours in various languages in and around Cape Town, catering for local and international clients. We want our guests to feel safe and to be able to enjoy their visit to our beautiful country.


It is critical to have deep insight with regards to client profiles, unique interests, and cultural backgrounds. We strive to exceed expectations and to provide an experience so satisfactory that it will be unforgettable. Our aim is to keep the highest standard of service by paying attention to detail when it comes to planning, presentation, and listening to every query a client may have to continuously increase service levels. Our vehicles and guides are of excellent quality and presentation. All staff are qualified in first aid training and have extensive knowledge about the history and cultural background of South Africa, as well as attractions that will be part of our tour itineraries.


Our vision is to cultivate a passion for venture as the go-to bespoke tour operator in South Africa

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Let South Africa captivate your heart as you explore its diverse landscapes, encounter its magnificent wildlife, and connect with its warm and welcoming people. It is time to embrace adventure, broaden your horizons, and leave your footprints in this remarkable corner of the world.

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